Frequently Asked Questions at Cantalamessa FormalsQ. Is it better to buy or rent a tuxedo?

It all depends on how often you expect to wear the tux and for what occasions. If you only expect to wear a tux once or twice a year, you are better off renting. By renting you are assured a perfect fit because weight and size can change over time as well as changing styles. However, if you attend two or more formals a year and/or are planning a cruise, a purchase of a tux has its advantages.

Q. What does it cost to rent a tux?

Tux rental prices can vary greatly and are dependent on several factors including the designer, style, time of year and how long you need the tux. However, at Cantalamessa Formals we always offer special prices for weddings and proms. We can also put special packages together for cruises where you will have the tuxedo for a week or more.

Q. When should I order my tux for my wedding?

For weddings, the bride or groom should come in to Cantalamessa Formals to register soon after the wedding date is selected. At that time, they will be able to make decisions regarding tux styles, accessories and colors. Once these selections have been made, the bride or groom can give the names of their groomsmen, ring bearers, fathers, and/or grandfathers and what styles they have chosen for each to wear. At this point the members of the party can come in for their first fitting at their convenience during store hours.

Q. When should I order my tux for prom?

Once you are certain you are going to a prom, you should reserve a tuxedo immediately. Prom season is one of the busiest times of the year, so it is best to reserve a tux as early as possible. Even if you don’t know your date’s dress color and you wish to match her, it is wise to reserve your tux. You can pick out coordinating accessories at a later date.

Q. How do you handle fittings for members of a wedding party that are from out of town?

Out-of-town members of your wedding party can go to any formal wear rental store in the country for a courtesy fitting and measurement. The measurements can be mailed or faxed to Cantalamessa Formals. When the tux is picked up, we will have the person try it on to make sure it fits properly. If any alterations are needed, we will do them at that time.

Q. When do I pick up my tux and do I get a final fitting?

Final fitting is the pick up date which is generally the day before the event. At this time, the renter will try on his complete outfit and if final adjustments are needed, Cantalamessas will make the necessary alterations at that point.

Q. How soon after its use must the tux be returned?

In general, the tux must be returned on the first business day after use. Special arrangements can also be made to have tuxedoes picked up at any local hotel to accommodate out-of-town members of a wedding party. Special return arrangements can also be made for cruises of a week or more.

Q. What happens if a tux gets lost or damaged?

Under the terms of our Rental Agreement, lost or damaged rentals are the responsibility of the renter. Except for malicious acts, renters can be relieved of this responsibility if they pay the Damage Waiver Fee in advance.